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The SAGE M1/M14 EBR Chassis Stock System is designed for Mil-Spec rifles with no rear lugs. Non Mil-Spec rifles, especially imported variants, will require additional fitting and/or gunsmithing to make them fit the EBR Stock Systems.

Yes. The M14 EBR Chassis System will increase accuracy. With our system the action is 100% bedded and the barrel is supported by a patented operating rod guide block. However, due to many variables we really cannot say how well you will shoot. The real proof lies in over 15,000 units sold between the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement.

Yes. The M14 EBR Chassis System is finished in a Mil-Spec Hard Anodize and is available in Black, Navy Seal Grey, Coyote Tan, Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab Green, and Desert Digital Camo. 

Yes. Youcan still use your rifles iron sights in our M14 EBR Chassis Stock System Installed.

Yes and No. The M14ALCS (MOD-O STYLE) will not accept aftermarket grips due to the design and function of the telescoping stock. The M14ALCS/CV (MOD-1 STYLE) will accept nearly all AR-15/M16 style aftermarket grips.

Yes, you can easily convert M14 EBR Chassis to another model by purchasing a replacement buttock conversion kit. ALCS (MOD-O STYLE), ALCS/CV (MOD-1 STYLE), ALCS/OMRI (MOD-2 STYLE) and Fixed stock conversion kits are available and can be found under the “RIFLE ACCESSORIES” tab.

Yes. a complete list of replacement parts can be found under the “RIFLE ACCESSORIES” tab.

The SAGE EBR Chassis Stock System is designed as a drop in conversion. No permanent modifications to the rifle or chassis is required for installation.

Yes. You must simply provide us with the copy of your valid current military or police identification and we will apply a discount to your order.

SAGE offers two mounting options, M14SCSB (Stripper Clip Sight Base) and the M14DCSB (Detachable Cantilvered Sight Base). Both can be seen under the “RIFLE ACCESSORIES” tab.

At this time SAGE telescoping shotgun stocks are only made for Remington 870. However, We do offer collapsible M4 style stocks for 500, which can be found under the “SHOTGUN STOCK”

At this time factory grip is proprietary due to the design and function of the telescoping stock and cannot be replaced with an aftermarket grip.

At this time SAGE does not offer an M14 EBR Stock System with a side-folding stock. However, there are a variety of after market side-folding stocks available from other made specifically for our M14 EBR Chassi Systems.